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Gryffindor well dwell the brave of heart Ravenclaws who's beauty and wit arise as so in hufflepuff where the the brains remain then for Slytherin the darkest of most. which house do you belong? where does your future start
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 Sabrina Rose Carter

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Sabrina Rose Carter

Sabrina Rose Carter

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PostSubject: Sabrina Rose Carter   Sabrina Rose Carter Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 11:02 am

Name: Sabrina Rose Carter

School/ Job: Hogwarts Student/Singer

Age: 16

Height: 5'0"

Build: Short, Slim, Attractive

Sex: Female

Mother: Anna Carter (Deceased)

Father: Henry Carter

Brother(s): None

Sisters(s) None

Other: None


Death Eater: Yes (Unknown to most)

Order Member: No!!!!

Other: Nope


Half blood: No

Pure Blood: Yep

Muggle Born: No!!!!


Personality: Evil, Intimidating, Dark, Sinister, Funny, Fun loving, Snobby

Good Points: Easy to talk to if she likes you, good at potion making, singing, acting, dancing, and quidditch

Bad Points: Very prejudiced against mudbloods, half breeds, half bloods, and muggles, will destroy anyone who crosses her, her temper, and her dark personality

Likes: Boys, plays, musicals, herself, purebloods, Slytherins, animals, music, death, killing, blood, snakes, Death Eaters

Hates: Mudbloods, halfbreeds, halfbloods, muggles, annoying people, backstabbers, insects, werewolves, Gryffindors or anyone who is not a Slytherin


Hair: Dark Brown, long, and curly

Skin: pale and smooth

Eyes: Dark Brown

Cloths: School Uniform, and stuff she buys off the sales rack

Other: She has an Egyptian Ahnk tattoo on the back of her neck, a green snake tatoo on her left hip, and she bears the dark mark on her left forearm (she mostly hides it with makeup and magic)


Crush: Draco Malfoy

Married: no

Other: no


Werewolf: No

Werecat: No

Elemental: Yes, (water, fire, and dark)

Vampire: Yes (she was bitten when she was 3, controls her urges with a potion)

House Elf: no

Half Demon: no

Ghost: no

Other: Good with martial arts and owns a samurai sword that she uses when she can't use her wand, she can speak in parseltongue (not related to Salazar Slytherin), she also an enchantress


Character History and Other information...

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Her mother died in childbirth having her, so she lives with her Death Eater father. She moved to England when she was 3 and came across a vampire and it bit her, making her one somewhat but, she's still a pureblood witch. Enrolled in Hogwarts during her first year and got sorted into the Slytherin house.

((OOC: Those of you that do know me from the Magical World know that I play Jasmine Granger on that site but, I decided play someone new on this one. I was getting sick of playing such a whiny character. I swear, this chick is going to kick some major bootie!!!!))

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Cho Chang
Cho Chang

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PostSubject: Re: Sabrina Rose Carter   Sabrina Rose Carter Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 2:18 pm

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Sabrina Rose Carter
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