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Gryffindor well dwell the brave of heart Ravenclaws who's beauty and wit arise as so in hufflepuff where the the brains remain then for Slytherin the darkest of most. which house do you belong? where does your future start
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 Makayla Summers

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Makayla Summers

Makayla Summers

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PostSubject: Makayla Summers   Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:43 am

Names: Makayla Summers

School/ Job: Hogwarts

Age: 16

Height: 4ft 7"

Build: Slim; Smaller than most classmates.

Sex: Female

Mother(Biological): Unknown

Father(Biological): Unknown

Brother(s): None.

Sisters(s): None.

Other: No information on biological family. One Aunt, Selena Summers.


Death Eater: N/A

Order Member: N/A

Other: Wants to join the DA.


Half blood: Muggle Mother, Pureblood Father.

Pure Blood:

Muggle Born:


Personality: Makayla is a very posh girl, who likes to get what she wants. She is goes after those she wants to be friends with, she is very persuasive. She is a very hard working student, and in her Private School she got Straight A's.

Good Points: Was a straight A student in her Private School, hard working student.

Bad Points: Is spoilt and likes to get what she wants when she wants it.

Likes: Working, her inner circle of friends.

Hates: People that are better than her, people with more friends than her.


Hair: Dark brown, just below shoulder.

Skin: Slightly tanned.

Eyes: Brown.

Cloths: Usually school uniform. Grey t-shirt with a pink design on it, a green and black scarf, in a tiger-type pattern and 3/4 length jeans or a skirt.


Crush: None




Character History and Other information...

Makayla Summers was born on the 13th of November. Her parents, who she has never met, left her at an orphange in London. Makayla spent the next 6 years at the orphanage until she was adopted by Charlie and Selena Summers. They brought her up in a Manor House in Wiltshire, they gave her everything she needed and sent her to a Private School in her Primary years. When Makayla turned 11 she recieved her letter from Hogwarts, her parents didnt know if they should send her there but after reading the letter themselves they decided it was what their child deserved.

Since then Makayla has enjoyed Hogwarts greatly and has made many friends.

OOC - As you may have guessed I want to make Makayla a spoilt brat. In other words, Makayla will think she is the most beautiful and intelligent person on the planet.
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Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley

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PostSubject: Re: Makayla Summers   Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:47 am

ACCEPTED. Please do the sorting hate. Then you can start posting.
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Makayla Summers
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