Beyond The Veil

Gryffindor well dwell the brave of heart Ravenclaws who's beauty and wit arise as so in hufflepuff where the the brains remain then for Slytherin the darkest of most. which house do you belong? where does your future start
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 Breaking and Entering

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Angel Cortez

Angel Cortez

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PostSubject: Breaking and Entering   Tue Nov 13, 2007 12:31 pm

Angel knocks on the door loudly. Waits for a second and turns the doorknob, finds it locked. Turns and looks down the corridor, finding herself alone she applied pressure to the doorknob and turned, forcing the lock to open.
Walks silently into the room and begins looking through the shelves and books.
She walked towards the top of the class, sniffing cauldrens as she passed.
"Come on where would you hide it, your a potions professor so you must have access to it"
She continues to looks through the ingrediants on the shelves.
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Breaking and Entering
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