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Gryffindor well dwell the brave of heart Ravenclaws who's beauty and wit arise as so in hufflepuff where the the brains remain then for Slytherin the darkest of most. which house do you belong? where does your future start
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 Harry Potter

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Harry Potter

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PostSubject: Harry Potter   Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:10 am


Name: Harry James Potter
Sex: Male
Age: 16


Year: 6th
House: Gryffindor, suposed Slythrine
Best Subject: DADA
Worst Subject: Potions


Blood: half-blood
Height: average
Build: slightly lean, slightly skinny (medium build)
Ethnic group: White, British/English
Cloths: usal Gryffindor Uniform or casual t-shirt, jacket, blue jeans
Personality: descrided by some as Brave, Adventurous, ocassionaly quite, often Determined and slightly ambicious

Crush: One
Dating: Cho Chang


Pets: Snowy Owl named Hedwig


Wand: Holly and phoenix feather (from Fawkes brother of Voldemorts wand), 11 inches, supple
Home: Born in Godrics Hollow, currently lives at Private Drive (unfortunatly)
DOB: 31st July 1990


Married: no
Separated: dating wise yes, once
In Love: yes

Children: none

Brother/Sisters/Cousins: Dudley Dursly

Mother: Lily Potter (Evans, deceased)
Father: James Potter (deceased)

Character History:

Harry was born on July 31, 1980 to Lily and James Potter, formerly the golden couple of Hogwarts and active members of the Order of the Phoenix. During their time in the Order, James and Lily had encountered Lord Voldemort on three occasions and escaped each time. This was to prove crucial, as it rendered Harry one of two possible subjects of a prophecy Sibyll Trelawney made before Harry's birth. In turn, this prophecy drove the actions of Voldemort, which changed Harry's life dramatically. It stated that someone with the power to defeat the Dark Lord would be born as July drew to a close. The exact words meant it could apply to Harry Potter or to Neville Longbottom; Voldemort, perhaps unwisely, chose Harry and set out to destroy him when he was too young to defend himself, The protection given to Harry by his mother's sacrifice would last just as long as he remained a part of her family. Petunia Dursley was the only one with whom he could live safely, no matter how revolting she was.

Known in the wizarding world as the Boy Who Lived because he survived Lord Voldemort's attempt to kill him when he was a baby. The encounter, unfortunatly in which his parents James and Lily were killed He then stripped Voldemort of his powers and branded Harry with a lightning bolt scar. Harry was forced to live with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon in the muggle world until his 11th birthday. attends Hogwarts Academy, is a slightly powerful wizard, and has survived each encounter with the Dark Lord since he came back to the wizarding world. His best friends are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, however in Harry's first year he also made a few enemies adults and students alike the most know people in which Harry despices are mainly, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, Malfoy's first appearence and attittude towards Harry in his first year only seemed to stir Harry's hated and dislike more, through out his years he has shown mutural feeling to both Snape and Malfoy.

His Godfather Sirius Black was hence forth killed in Harry's 5th year but later was brought back by Lord Voldemort even though Harry has his diffrences to his Godfather he does however still respect Sirius's Decisions. Not only that Harry is said to be the youngest seeker for 100 years or more, Occasionaly Harry is also considered to by some students be feared for being a Pasalmouth, known amougst wizards as being a sign of a dark wizard.
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Ron Weasley

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PostSubject: Re: Harry Potter   Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:38 am

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Harry Potter
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